In A Little While


It’s been a while.  I didn’t plan to be away this long.  I meant to write. Meant to visit.  But here we are.  Unsure of the new direction but nonetheless finding myself here.  I’ve decided to let my little niche on the web unfold on its own.  Not try and label it or describe it but rather let it become what it will.  Let’s see where we go.


Vision :: Artist Inspiration…Diana Delgado

Untitled, Oil on Canvas, Diana Delgado via Saatchi Gallery

I have had the urge to paint lately. I actually have a 4′ x 3′ painting that I’m working on but more on that later.  I am always looking for creative inspiration and these abstract paintings by  Diane Delgado jumped out at me.  I love the colours, composition & energy of her pieces…and they’re big.  Instant love.

Double Bubble, oil on Canvas, Diane Delgado via Saatchi Gallery

LVS::Business of Blogging

This past weekend I attended the 2nd BlogPodium conference in Toronto, ‘The Business of Blogging‘ & it didn’t disappoint.  Once again I left inspired, filled with knowledge & happy to connect with fellow Canadian bloggers.

It was a great event that brought together design & lifestyle bloggers as well as local vendors to share our ideas & knowledge on blogging.

View of the Room at the beautiful Arcadian Loft in downtown Toronto

We were lucky to have Nicole Balch of the popular blog, ‘Making it Lovely‘ share her knowledge & experience on monetizing her blog.  There was also a panel of experts consisting of Cheryl Kozoriz of GlucksteinHome, Laura Muirhead of Tribal DDB, one of the BlogPodium founders, Lindsay Stephenson of Little House Blog & Christine Dovey of Bijou and Boheme who also shared their experiences on the topic.

Nicole Balch sharing her blogging experiences

(l-r) Cheryl Kozoriz, Laura Muirhead, Lindsay Stephenson, Christine Dovey & moderator Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault

The entire 3 hour discussion was filled with valuable information that I was feverishly writing notes on.  Visit some of my fellow bloggers sites below for a full breakdown of the information shared at the event… (I just don’t think I could share the information any better than these two posts!)



All in all it was a great day, that left this very pregnant blogger exhausted but happy this baby allowed me to attend.

Many, many thanks to the Sponsors of BlogPodium (below) for helping make this event happen & being generous with the swag bags for us bloggers

… and lastly, huge Thank You to Lindsay Stephenson & Jennifer Flores for organizing the event.

Looking forward to the next one!

**All Photography of BlogPodium by Mango Studios**

Life :: BlogPodium Here I Come…

I wasn’t sure I was going to make it to the 2nd Blogpodium event when I bought my ticket back in March but I took the risk, knowing the event would sell out.

For those of you unfamiliar with Blogpodium it is a series of conferences where Canadian design & lifestyle bloggers come together to discuss the different aspects of blogging, connect with each other & be inspired. 

The first BlogPodium event was held in January.  I gained so much knowledge & inspiration from my fellow Canadian bloggers that I didn’t want to miss the next event.

I’m happy to say I will be able to make it.

At 37 weeks pregnant, me & the belly are going.

Enjoy your weekend!

Style :: Lines & More Lines

1|Elte, Hollywood Grey Rug 2 | CB2, Valentina White Chair 3| EQ3, Mosco Night Stand 4| West Elm, Wire Lanterns 5| EQ3, Allessi, Blow Up Magazine Rack 6| West Elm, Linear Blown Glass Pendant

I love how linear pieces add a modern look & feel to any space.  To me they elude order & a sense of calmness.  They accentuate the shape of a piece almost to the point of making it look sculptural as well as giving the illusion of lightness in a room with such simplicity.

It’s a tie between the side table & chair. Both pieces would be welcomed additions to my home.

Vision :: Top 5 Photography Apps


I love my iPhone & I love photography.  Once i discovered all the photography apps the creative possibilites were endless…below my ‘Top 5′.


1. PocketBooth :: Remember cramming into those photo booths in malls? There’s an app for that.  Now bring photo booth fun everywhere with you, snap 4 poses & print them out in the photo strip format. Fun & addictive.

2. Hipstamatic :: This was the first app I discovered.  I love how you can change out the film & flash for different toy camera looks . Your photographs will have that vintage, nostalgic feel.

3. PicFrame :: This is a great app to arrange your photos in a collage format within frames.  There are numerous layouts  to choose from & very easy to use.

4. Phonto ::  Want to add type to your photos while on the go? This is the app for you.  Numerous fonts to  choose from, you can select the font, change the size & orientation, save & you’re done! All done on your iPhone.

5. Camera+ :: This is probably my favourite app out of the list.  I use this app to add effects, filters, to crop & resize my photos.  It really does it all & is very user friendly.


I’m always looking for new photography apps? What are your favourites?

Nursery Progress…

Lots of nesting and resting has been happening around here lately. I will admit that my waddle is in full effect. Nesting has resulted in major purging along with shopping for the nursery… in between naps of course.

Here’s a sneak peek at our progress…

I am so happy with the room so far. I love that we were able to use an old dresser by painting it white & love how there seems to be a circle theme going on that wasn’t exactly planned. We hung the curtains and shelves & I realized that the circular wire wall art that originally hung downstairs in our house would be perfect between the two windows to mimic the circular detail of the shelves.

It’s also abstract, linear & very LVS.

Left to get done…

  • Hang art above the crib (I ordered this fabulous Sharon Montrose print today) & around the single bed
  • Possibly creating a corner headboard for the single bed to give it a daybed feel
  • Hem & line curtains
  • Style shelves
  • Find a table light
  • Find the perfect glider… Why is this so hard? I can’t seem to find a cost effective glider that I like & we’re running of time. Anyone have any suggestions?

Part 2…Spring One of A Kind Show

As promised, part 2 of my recap of the Spring One of a Kind Show (…you can find Part 1 here)

What else caught my eye? Photography…art… & little critters.

Just like Whiteout Workshop’s Booth, I had to visit the ‘Images of This and That‘ booth twice.  Featuring the photography of Tania Fitzpatrick, hubbie wanted some prints as soon as I sent him the shot below.  The only problem? When I returned to her booth with hubbie on the phone, we couldn’t decide which ones to get.  Thankfully we can order some prints off her etsy site.

 Images of This and That, Photography by Tania Fitzpatrick… visit her Etsy Shop 

Of course I am drawn to the more abstract, nostalgic images & hubbie is drawn to the photographs of nature. The great thing about Tania’s work? She has it all & such a unique photographic eye (& super personable too).   Another plus is that her prints are all 12 x 12 square format and fit into an IKEA Ribba frame.  I’ll keep you posted on what we decide to get.

Fine Art Paintings by Stavros

Next up, the abstract paintings by Stavros lured me in.  I was drawn to their fluidity, calmness & beautiful use of colour.  He has an entire series like the paintings above as well as other abstracts and figurative paintings.  Visit his website to see more of his great work.

I love these photographic image transfers onto wood by Patrick Lajoie from Studio Liscious.  With the natural imperfections from the image transfer they have a vintage, nostalgic vibe & the horizontal, linear format has a modern, contemporary look.

This is another photographic image transfer by Patrick Lajoie of Studio Licious, titled Fracture.  Despite not being a huge fan of the colour red, I was drawn to the movement & drama of this piece.  Combined with the unique shape & format it would definitely be a captivating, modern piece on your wall.

Le Petit Reve by Selena Burgess

At this point of the show I’m sure my waddle was probably in full effect but I passed Selena Burgess’ booth and melted when I saw these little critters.  As a fibre artist & illustrator she creates these little cuddlies & organic chevron quilts which you can purchase at her etsy shop.  She is also a fellow blogger at Le Petit Reve.

As always, I really enjoyed the One of a Kind Show & left feeling inspired by all the artists.  The show runs all weekend, closing on April 1st. If you get the chance, go check it out!

Part 1…Spring One of Kind Show

The Spring One of  a Kind Show is here! … & it did not disappoint.

The morning started off with a delicious raw breakfast made by Cruda Cafe for the media breakfast.  It fuelled me & my pregnant belly for the show ahead with some delicious dishes I had never tried before.

Where to start with the show? It’s fabulous.  Let’s just say in the first 10 minutes I made my first purchase.

A Robert Wu print for my daughters room. (I blogged about Mr. Wu’s work here).  I have admired Robert Wu’s work for a few years now & am so happy I finally own a piece of his work.

 Magnolia, by Robert Wu, 2011

(I just realized that the print is titled ‘Magnolia’, my favourite flower)

 Of course I was drawn to these porcelain jars.  I love the vintage, iconic Canadian motifs by Heyday Design.  They have a contemporary, modern feel with a throw back to vintage roots.  I could have easily added them to my jar collection.

I was drawn to the booth by Matter Company first because of their branding.  I am a sucker for good, clean branding.  The founder, Denise Williams was kind enough to explain their baby and pregnancy line to me (I am regretting not getting their belly balm).

Their philosophy, “…to embrace a holistic approach to personal care which recognizes the relationship between our natural environment and our physical and emotional well being.”  -Matter Company

Visit their website to  learn more about this company & their products.


The Whiteout Workshop booth I had to visit twice.  First I was immediately drawn to the the black and white contrast silk screened prints.  I love the linear, abstract quality & playfulness to owner Natasha Paterson work.  I had to revisit her booth because I was so indecisive about which print to get.  With such affordable prices for a unique piece of art it was hard to make a decision.

Scraggle Tree Screen Print by Natasha Petarson of Whiteout Workshop, 18 x 24, $25

I finally decided on the above tree print for our nursery.  I think it will look perfect in the black, white, blue, modern scheme we have decided on.

You can see more of Natasha’s work at Whiteout Workshop & visit her online shop to see more of her work & understand why it was so hard for me to make a decision.

*Read how she arrived to where she is today & just went for it in her ‘about’ section…inspirational
…tomorrow, Part 2 of the  Spring One of a Kind Show featuring photography, art & some playful little critters by more great artists.

Linear Inspiration